April Writing Log

I have a shiny new project to work on, and I’ve signed up for Camp Nano. I’ve written about NaNoWriMo before, and Camp NaNo is very similar. The goal is to write a novel in April. I am shooting for completing my project this month, which is ambitious. It’s especially ambitious given that the climate is proving to be challenging for many creators. I feel really good about the work I’ve done for this project’s outline, and I think it’s sunk its hooks far enough into me to keep me going.

I’m a big accountability person, so I made a writing log for myself. It’s a great visual representation of the work I’m doing, and I am the kind of person that needs that validation of progress.

If you’re interested in tracking your progress, below is a link to a blank one. The key has been left unfinished so you can write in any goals you like. I’m using my special Sharpies in different colors as my key, but you can use whatever you like.

Good Luck!

Click here for a blank April 2020 writing log.

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