The places that inspired Crisis Desserted

Counting down to release day for Crisis Desserted (Jan. 1, 2019!!) has been…stressful. There are going to be real, actual people reading my book and that is terrifying. My husband, bless him, doesn’t get how this gives me anxiety if the point of the novel all along was for people to read it. Let me just say that there is a difference between theoretical people reading your book in the indeterminate future and people you know and will have to see again reading it next week.

So, to distract myself, here are some of the places that inspired my book.

Denver’s Highlands Neighborhood

The bulk of the first 1/3 of the story takes place in Denver’s Highlands Neighborhood. If you aren’t familiar with Denver, the Highlands is west of downtown and full of great restaurants and bars. About ten years ago, it became a hot neighborhood for young professionals and families wanting to live close to the city in homes with character if not dedicated parking. The bar Jer works at is fictional, but the way Brandy describes it with exposed brick and ceiling beams is very much in keeping with the area’s ethos.

At the beginning of the story, Bran and her sister Tasha go to Little Man Ice Cream, also in the Highlands. Little Man is very real and really my favorite ice cream place in Denver. The Salted Oreo ice cream will change your life. Here’s a picture of the actual Little Man.

This is the typical line at Little Man on any summer night. It’s worth the wait!

And they do donate to charity with every scoop purchased! If you’re ever in the area, you HAVE to go.

Eastern Colorado

The tiny town where Bran’s parents live is called Pike. Pike isn’t a real place, but it is inspired by some small towns east of the Denver Metro area. One of which is Elizabeth, Colorado, about thirty minutes from where I live. Unlike Brandy, I think the Eastern Plains are beautiful. They have rolling hills and gorgeous sunsets. What surprises me most is that you go from the suburbs on the edge of the Denver area and drop right into the plains and wide open space. It feels remote, but really isn’t that far from the city.



London is the city of my heart. I was fortunate to spend a summer there during college and have loved it ever since. Brandy visits London during the story and spends time in the Financial District and Shoreditch. She also visits the London Eye for a spin above the Thames.

Here’s a picture my husband took back in the day of The Gherkin, which also makes an appearance.

Now back to waiting until January 1st. Only four days away. Eek!

Pre-order now: Tattered Cover (my favorite local) | Amazon | Barnes and Noble 

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