Book Review: My Not So Perfect Life

I finally got to My Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella, and I’m kicking myself for not reading it sooner. In my defense, I love Sophie Kinsella’s work and each time a book comes out I’m afraid that it will be the one to disappoint. So far, she’s batting .1000!

Lovable junior research assistant Cat is living the dream in London with a job at a hip branding agency. Her Insta feed is packed with filtered snaps of her glamorous life. Except her highly-cultivated online persona doesn’t show her dingy apartment, dismal bank account balance, or the crippling loneliness she’s faced since moving out on her own. When things get tough for Cat, she looks to her boss Demeter–an incredibly talented and flighty executive–for inspiration. Demeter has the job, the family, the money–the makings of a perfect life.

A chance encounter pushes up-and-coming creative genius Alex Astalis into Cat’s path, but before Cat can explore the something between them she’s downsized from her job. With no prospects or savings, Cat moves home to the country to help her family with their new glamping business and face her former life as Katie. Her marketing savvy turns the venture into an instant success and draws London’s elite to enjoy the resort, including her former boss. As Katie plots revenge on Demeter, new discoveries prove that no one has it all.

Like I said, I adored this book. I laughed and let my heartstrings be tugged while rooting for Katie. She’s a smart and fiery character looking to take on the world, and it was so interesting to see her cast against an older, more experienced Demeter. I liked the way Kinsella addressed how we let our online selves dictate the value of our experiences IRL. Check your Snapchat filters at the door, and pick this one up immediately.

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