I watch movies too

Any book person worth their salt has a handful of reading recommendations ready at any given time. As a genre fiction magpie, I constantly push my favorites from YA to fantasy to women’s fiction. The only thing I love more than finding a new favorite book is pushing it so hard on someone that they’re compelled to read out of fear for their personal safety. I’m that person.

Though I don’t get out to the movies much these days (See: children, job, attempts at writing), I do have a treasure trove of late 20th century film recommendations. Just like books, I insist that friends, co-workers, and random people in the Starbucks line watch these whether or not they’re available on Netflix. Here are just a few:

  1. Soapdish: Fictional soap operas and their diva casts are so much better than soaps IRL. Soapdish follows an aging starlet as she begins to face the realities of getting older and becoming obsolete in the entertainment industry. This hilarious gem features Sally Fields, Kevin Kline, Elizabeth Shue, Whoopi, a young RDJ, and a fake beach with its own wave machine. It’s amazing!
  2. Clue: Clue is my favorite board game and its movie adaptation has been an obsession for decades. It showcases a cast of familiar characters solving a murder mystery on a stormy night. We’re entertained as they tear all over the mansion searching for clues. With slapstick laughs and manic talent of Tim Curry, this is a must watch for any fans of the game.
  3. The Princess Bride: As unfathomable  as it may seem, there are people who haven’t seen this movie. From what I can tell they hate princesses, pirates, sword fights, catch phrases, and happiness.

Do you have any prerequisite films for friends?

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