Book Review: The Hating Game

Guys. You guys. This. Book. I adored this book. The Hating Game is Sally Thorne’s debut novel. It’s a steamy, sexy, hilarious look into the lives of two office enemies: Lucy and Josh(ua). After their respective publishing companies merged, they find themselves as executive assistants to the co-CEOs and working in close quarters. Five days a week they go round after round with each other in a series of workplace shenanigans. Each has their own agenda and the claws come out when a promotion opportunity is announced.

I loved the snarky and professionally self-assured main character Lucy. She managed to be a kick ass girl boss despite personal insecurities. The stoic Joshua is classic alpha male, which I found irritating at times, but forgivable given his other charms. Sparks fly as they compete for the same promotion while their feelings for one another blur the lines of love and hate. Do they love to hate or hate to love?

The only thing I had trouble buying into was Lucy’s lack of female friends. She devoted countless hours to her career, and lost her best friend when the merger downsized her job, but I think someone as caring as Lucy would have other friends. I would have  liked to see that side of her character developed more with a girlfriend dynamic.

Overall, I haven’t read anything this light and enjoyable for a while. After a stressful holiday season, this was exactly what I needed. If you’re in the market for a fun romantic comedy, this is the book for you.

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